Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Country Living Fair-- Columbus 2011

"AWESOME"---- Is how we would describe the Country Living Fair this year in Columbus. The weather was beautiful, we had great neighbors and record attendance. All in all we would say it was a hit!!! Everyone was sooo kind and helpful to us. When we arrived, the trailer that we had brought was too large to pull in to our booth area. So we had to park on the side and pack everything by hand to our booth. Bonnie from "Southporch Antiques" helped us out by unloading and carrying things to our booth. After a day and a half and a lot of rearranging, we finally got everything finished up. Our neighbors around us were sooo friendly and helpful and for that we will be forever grateful. Doing these shows you get the opportunity to meet a lot of creative and kind people, and friendships are made. Our neighbors from last year, Crocus Corner were back. They are two sweet ladies who always have a smile on their face. We also had some new neighbors this year, Joe from Flower Child was on the other side of us. He is a neat guy and he had a cool "Hollywood" sign. Across from us was Larry from High Falls Mercantile. He is from New York and had a great booth. Of course we had to do a little shopping and what better place to shop than your neighbors, checkers from Crocus Corner, Poker Chips from Joe and some great pottery from Larry. On Sunday, we had the chance to finally get out and walk around the fair. There were so many beautiful booths and great merchandise. We couldn't buy it all, but did manage to bring home several great finds. During shopping, I stepped off of a platform and sprained my ankle. It was painful and I could not walk on it. The Stella Show staff were very helpful and kind as were the medics. I could not help pack up the booth, so Urban Farmhouse came over and helped out. We just want to say "THANKS" to everyone for their kindness and a special "Thank You" to our sister Lori and Mister Sister Tim for all their help. We couldn't have done it without them.

Here are some pics of the booth, our neighbors and some of the great people we met!!!


  1. Loved your booth and offerings at the Country Living Fair! I found a vintage piece of art, already on my family room wall. Wish I could post a photo. It's perfect! And I picked up some hard-to-find angel vine plants, now potted and with topiary forms. It all looks beautiful and adds to the warmth of my home. I'll see you guys next year!
    Debra Lowery
    New Albany, OH

  2. Boo hoo... I hurt my neck and couldn't come! I was sick that I missed you and S'field, too. Feeling much better now, what with some cervical neck traction and some stretching. Hope to meet up with you again next spring- do you have plans for S'field? ~ Sue

  3. Glad you made it home okay and hope your ankle is better! I don't know that we actually helped out that much but I hope so, wish we could have done more for ya!
    LOVE my pillows!! They're on my sofa and a posted a link on my Facebook page to your blog. You guys had great finds!