Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2014 In Review

Here it is February and I'm just now posting about last year's shows.  Well better late than never or that's what they say.   We had a really great year...Great Shows, Great Friends and Great Junk !!!By junk ,  I mean all kinds of vintage , antique or unique finds , that I  ( or anybody else ) just can't live without.
So now it's time to do it all over again.  Really,  it never stops.  The treasure hunting is a year round thing .  It's just in your blood.  You have to do it.... go to an auction ,  hit a good flea market , or hit your favorite hot spot.  Yes, we all have our top secret junking places.
Once, we've found all of that loot, then the work begins.  We load it  , unload it , clean it ( think raccoon poop ) fix it, price it , load it again,  unload it again, ( yes,  our backs hurt ) display it ( that's the fun part ) and we sell it .  And we LOVE it.  It's just what we do .
Here are some pics from last years shows.

Vintage Marketplace , Nashville Tn

Junk Jubilee  DesMoine,IA

Junk Jubilee  DesMoines IA

Rhinebeck NY  Country Living Fair

Rhinebeck, NY

Rhinebeck , NY

Columbus, OH Country Living Fair

Columbus, OH

Columbus , OH

CityFarmhouse Show Franklin , TN

Franklin , TN

Atlanta , GA Country Living Fair

Atlanta , GA

Atlanta, GA

Hobnob Holiday Market Danville, IL

Danville, IL
Hope you enjoyed the pics.  If you get a chance, come see us at one of our 2015 shows.
Thanks for stopping by.