Thursday, November 3, 2011

Country Living Fair South 2011

Hello all, finally posting some pics of our booth at the Country Living Fair South show in Atalanta, GA. Sorry it has taken soooo long to post, so here it goes:

***One of our new Magnetic Bullentin Boards***

***Wicker covered wine bottles as seen in Pottery Barn***

*********Salvaged Shelves********

***Another one of our Magnetic Image Boards & Image Stools***

**********Gathered Julz**********

**********AP's Purses***********

***Vintage Christmas Postcard Pillow Slipcovers***

****More of our Pillow Slipcovers****

********Findings Bags(Great Stocking Stuffers)********

"Is it a Elephant or a Pig? You be the Judge Ha! Ha!

Ok, on with the blog....This year besides it being cold in the mornings the weather was beautiful. Stone Mountain park is really such a goregous park, there are so many things to do there. So if you didn't get a chance to go this year, make plans to attend next year. You will not be dissappointed. The Southern hospitatily that you receive just makes it over the top.

Splurge and Southporch Antiques were again setup beside us, and you couldn't ask for better people to have as neighbors.
********Splurge's Awesome Lights********

***South Porch's (Karen & Patrick Kinney Unique Boat Shelf***
****Patrick and Bonnie, South Porch Antiques******

Thanks to everyone for making this year's show such a success. We want to say a special thank you to Tim (Mister Sister, chaueffer and Mr. Fix It), Lori Jody (our sister we truly adore and couldn't do it without her), Sterling (Birdhouse man and master packer) and Richard Jody for helping us to tear it all down.

We will be posting some new products on our Etsy site in the next week, so stop by and look if you get a chance. We will also be redoing our booth at the I-24Antique Mall in Metropolis, IL for Christmas Open House which is November 13th.

Until Next Time,

Shannon & Julie
Gathered Comforts

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Picking & Grinning"

Today was such a beautiful day, sunny and temp around 68 to 70. It was a good day for picking, and good picking leads to grinning. HA HA We sure were grinning today. We headed to a new place for a pick, and a great pick it was. Picking(the term used in the junking world for digging around in garages, warehouses or anyplace in between for great junk) today was really good. As you will see in the picture below we found some chairs to recover, frames to repurpose and more goodies to work with. We will be taking these items to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta in October. Besides all of the items we found, we also had to stop at one of our favorite burger places(a Mom and Pop stop) for some "Cheeseburgers and Fat Crinkle Fries". Why is it the best tasting food is always what is suppose to be sooo bad for you? We LOVE their fries!!!! Just typing this is making me want some more of them. Anyway we had a great day, Good Buys, Good Food, & some Good Laughs!!! Picking and Grinning!!!

Until next time,
Shannon & Julie

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Country Living Fair-- Columbus 2011

"AWESOME"---- Is how we would describe the Country Living Fair this year in Columbus. The weather was beautiful, we had great neighbors and record attendance. All in all we would say it was a hit!!! Everyone was sooo kind and helpful to us. When we arrived, the trailer that we had brought was too large to pull in to our booth area. So we had to park on the side and pack everything by hand to our booth. Bonnie from "Southporch Antiques" helped us out by unloading and carrying things to our booth. After a day and a half and a lot of rearranging, we finally got everything finished up. Our neighbors around us were sooo friendly and helpful and for that we will be forever grateful. Doing these shows you get the opportunity to meet a lot of creative and kind people, and friendships are made. Our neighbors from last year, Crocus Corner were back. They are two sweet ladies who always have a smile on their face. We also had some new neighbors this year, Joe from Flower Child was on the other side of us. He is a neat guy and he had a cool "Hollywood" sign. Across from us was Larry from High Falls Mercantile. He is from New York and had a great booth. Of course we had to do a little shopping and what better place to shop than your neighbors, checkers from Crocus Corner, Poker Chips from Joe and some great pottery from Larry. On Sunday, we had the chance to finally get out and walk around the fair. There were so many beautiful booths and great merchandise. We couldn't buy it all, but did manage to bring home several great finds. During shopping, I stepped off of a platform and sprained my ankle. It was painful and I could not walk on it. The Stella Show staff were very helpful and kind as were the medics. I could not help pack up the booth, so Urban Farmhouse came over and helped out. We just want to say "THANKS" to everyone for their kindness and a special "Thank You" to our sister Lori and Mister Sister Tim for all their help. We couldn't have done it without them.

Here are some pics of the booth, our neighbors and some of the great people we met!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gathering, Collecting--Hoarding(It's All In How You Look At It)

We have been gathering again for the upcoming shows. Our husbands call it "hoarding", but we call it "gathering". Gathering is one of our favorite things to do. We usually gather on Thursday mornings, we have a few favorite places we often frequent. Saturdays are spent hitting locals Auctions. Some might view it as work but it really is fun. We have met some really great people and have made some friendships along the way. Most people are usually so helpful and kind. Telling about their great finds or what something might be worth. We could call ourselves "pickers" I guess, without the fancy Mercedes van, but "Sisters" we are. Just "trucks" for us, but they work fine and get the job done. We never know what we are looking for, it kinda just jumps out at us. We think "WOW" we could really do something with that. Our minds just start clicking about all the great possibilities. If one is good then ten would be great!!!! We love quantity!!! Like all those chicken feeders last year that we found at an auction, they turned out to be great display pieces. (see pic below) The possibilities were endless.

Oh well, they (our husbands) can think what they want to think. "Collectors", "Hoarders" or "Gatherers", you be the judge.

Until we blog again,
Shannon & Julie


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Run, Run, Run!!! We love Runners!!!!

This is one of our new runners, and we just love the way it turned out. They are made with vintage inspired fabric and then topped off with vintage buttons that were found at an estate sale. We have these available on our Etsy site. They range in size from 55" to 96" and we can custom make one to fit your needs. Just convo us on Etsy or leave a comment here.

Oh, yeah we have been running around going to auctions and everywhere else in between getting ready for the Country Living Fairs in Columbus and Atlanta. So Ladies, get ready!!! Start planning your weekend getaway to one of the Fairs now. All of the information that you need about the fairs you can access at or We can't wait to go, and hope that you can too!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Shannon & Julie