Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gathering, Collecting--Hoarding(It's All In How You Look At It)

We have been gathering again for the upcoming shows. Our husbands call it "hoarding", but we call it "gathering". Gathering is one of our favorite things to do. We usually gather on Thursday mornings, we have a few favorite places we often frequent. Saturdays are spent hitting locals Auctions. Some might view it as work but it really is fun. We have met some really great people and have made some friendships along the way. Most people are usually so helpful and kind. Telling about their great finds or what something might be worth. We could call ourselves "pickers" I guess, without the fancy Mercedes van, but "Sisters" we are. Just "trucks" for us, but they work fine and get the job done. We never know what we are looking for, it kinda just jumps out at us. We think "WOW" we could really do something with that. Our minds just start clicking about all the great possibilities. If one is good then ten would be great!!!! We love quantity!!! Like all those chicken feeders last year that we found at an auction, they turned out to be great display pieces. (see pic below) The possibilities were endless.

Oh well, they (our husbands) can think what they want to think. "Collectors", "Hoarders" or "Gatherers", you be the judge.

Until we blog again,
Shannon & Julie



  1. Well, I cannot wait to see what treasures you bring to S'field and the CL fair! You girls always have some of the best stuff and are really a fav.
    :-( Missed seeing ya in the spring, but I know family does come first.
    ~ Sue