Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"To GO or Not To GO?"

That was the question. The answer is we just can't GO!!! We are so sorry but we will be unable to attend the Springfield, Ohio Extravaganza Antique Show this coming weekend. We have went back and forth on what to do and we have decided that FAMILY must come first. My daughter is graduating from high school on Sunday and there is just not enough time to do both. We hope that everyone understands and once again we are sorry!!! We are starting to hit the Spring Auctions and we are attending a private showing tomorrow, trying to get ready for the upcoming Country Living Fairs. We will be adding new items to our ETSY shop so stop by and browse when you have time. Again, soo sorry about Springfield.

Shannon & Julie

P.S. We will leave you some eye candy, ENJOY!!!!!


"New Script Table Runner by Gathered Comforts"

"Garden in Fredericksburg, TX"

"Shannon in Urban Cowboy"

"Cottage in Fredericksburg, TX"