Monday, September 26, 2011

"Picking & Grinning"

Today was such a beautiful day, sunny and temp around 68 to 70. It was a good day for picking, and good picking leads to grinning. HA HA We sure were grinning today. We headed to a new place for a pick, and a great pick it was. Picking(the term used in the junking world for digging around in garages, warehouses or anyplace in between for great junk) today was really good. As you will see in the picture below we found some chairs to recover, frames to repurpose and more goodies to work with. We will be taking these items to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta in October. Besides all of the items we found, we also had to stop at one of our favorite burger places(a Mom and Pop stop) for some "Cheeseburgers and Fat Crinkle Fries". Why is it the best tasting food is always what is suppose to be sooo bad for you? We LOVE their fries!!!! Just typing this is making me want some more of them. Anyway we had a great day, Good Buys, Good Food, & some Good Laughs!!! Picking and Grinning!!!

Until next time,
Shannon & Julie

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