Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"I Hate to Brag But..."

I hate to start the New Year off bragging, but I just had to show y'all a pic of the farmtable that "Mister Sister" Tim made for me. He had drawn my name for Christmas and had placed a photo of it in this really cute box. The table wouldn't fit under the tree, so he took a snap of it and "WOW" he totally surprised me. Everytime we go junking or to any of the shows that we do I always look for a table for my backporch. They are always either too big, too small, or way too expensive... you know the drill. I always know what I want, but can never find it. Anyway, the look is over I have one now!!!! Thanks Tim!!!!

The legs on the table were from an auction back in the summer that we had never done anything with. Tim is always sooooo good at refinishing furniture and making all the things that Shannon and I come up with. My
brother-in-law, Tim, will be with us at the Vintage Marketplace show where you can see more of his handy-work. For more info on the show check out the show blog at The show is February 2-4 2012 at the Hendersonville Expo Center in Hendersonville, TN.

Until Next Time,

Shannon & Julie

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