Thursday, June 2, 2011


Many different things inspire us to create the things we do. We are inspired all the time. It might be something in nature or something that we find and then the light bulb goes off and you think to yourself "I could do something with that." Recently we went to a pre-showing of an Estate Sale. We really found a lot of great buys. At the end when we were paying, the owner brought out a box of vintage metal receipt holders. They still had the paper receipts on then from a grocery and notion store. The dates on the receipts were from "1918". There were 60 plus holders and we immediately said "We have got to have these". This was the icing on the cake for the night's buys. We Love Them!!!! Look for us to have some of these at the Country Living Fairs in September and October. We have already been talking over the many things we want to do with them.

We have friends that we go to sales with. It always amazes us the different things that people like and gravitate towards. It is not a competition, we all genuinely like different things. It is fun to see what other people like.

Shannon went to a Flea Market this weekend in Tennessee. She found over 50 old postcards that she just had to have. Old keys, glassware and vintage jewelry seem to speak to me. So what inspires you? Let us know. Is it a great Estate Sale, an old postcard or photo, or maybe it is your favorite magazine. Leave a comment if you like.

"Receipt Holders"

"Birdcage Found @ Flea Market"

Until Next Time,

Shannon & Julie

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