Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Country Living Fair South

It has been a little over a week since we got back from the Country Living Fair in Atlanta. This was the first year for the fair at Stone Mountain Resort outside of Atlanta. What a beautiful place!!! The weather was perfect and the show was just great all around. We met a lot of nice people from Stella Management, to our neighbors, and all of the great customers. People sure are friendly down South. This was our last show for the year, so now we are ready to get our booth in order at the I-24 Antique Mall and restock our Etsy store www.gatheredcomforts.etsy.com. Here are a few pics of our booth at the show. In the photos you will see some of the really cool vintage Christmas decorations that we had accumulated over the summer from several estate sales. We wanted to keep it all for ourselves but you just can't keep everything. (or we would be called "hoarders") Every time we looked at them, they brought back memories from when we were kids. It was soooo much fun decorating with them. We sold the majority of it and have a few items left that we will be selling or fighting over. We haven't decided yet. Ha! Ha! Ha!

"Showing off our Great Hats with Lori (Big Sis)"

With the holidays just around the corner we will be busy decorating homes for ourselves and others. Check back for Christmas decorating tips and pics, because we sure do loveeeee Christmas.

Shannon & Julie

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