Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vacation Won't Come Soon Enough!!!!

Like everyone else we are concerned about the oil spill in the Gulf. Our families have had a vacation booked for some time now in Destin, Fl., and now we are unsure if we will be able to go. We all love the beach, that includes the sand, the shells, sunsets and all of the activities that go along with it. More than anything we are concerned for the wildlife and local communities that have been affected by this tragedy. So for now we are dreaming about the beach, remembering all of our good times and hoping for the ones to come. Praying for everyone and everything involved.

Today we restyled our booth at the I-24 Antique Mall. Started out by painting our galvanized metal siding. Wow what a difference a little paint makes!!! It sure lightened it up. Then while we were adding some new finds to our booth, we decided to add some seashells for a beachy touch. We use shells year round in our homes to remind us of good times and beach vacations we have had with our familes. Who can help but to pickup a shell when you see one. (even if you already have a bag or two already full) They are all so different, truly a gift from God.

Well we hope everyone is having a good summer and if a beach vacation is in the future we hope it is a good one!

Shannon & Julie

Here are some new photos of our newly restyled booth @ I-24 Antique Mall.

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  1. Hey Shannon, I am so excited that I found you! I am your biggest fan, only you don't know it. Ok so you are thinking, who is this? This is Jennifer and Tim (Josh's mom and dad) I have been shopping your booth at the antique mall for a couple of months. I got so many cool things. I bought a bunch of your little glass jars with the shells. Looks awsome in my yellow and white bathroom. One wall had been lacking something for quite a while and now it looks great. I found your blog when checking out the upcoming Country Living fair. Would love to go to this. What is the Red Star Barn? Tim is trying to talk me into blogging about our recent kitchen and bedroom remodel. Good luck with your blog and all the fun stuff you've got coming up. Am so excited for you! Jennifer